"A great job at a reasonable price! I'd buy another Mazda just so I could take it to Coyote Motors!!!"

"Best repair shop I've ever been to, period. Wolfgang always explains what is going on with my beloved Subaru Outback and what must be repaired and what can wait. Well worth the drive to Boulder (from Denver)."

"My Miata was running very rough and another mechanic had given up trying to find a reason for it. Wolf ran the tests and concluded that it was nothing to be concerned about and that it would fix itself. Sure enough, it was fine in a few days. A year later I had it in for a clutch replacement. He did all the work for 150 bucks less than the best estimate. Great guy who takes the time to explain exactly what he does."

"Working with Coyote Motors is always pleasant. I know they will do their best to fix my car for the least amount of money possible with the best repair solution. When I buy a new car, I will strongly consider a Mazda, just so I can keep going to Coyote Motors. Wolfgang is the best!"

"I formerly owned a Mazda truck and I wish I still did. Wolfgang was honest and good. Nothing he fixed ever broke again unlike my present mechanic."

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