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When Coyote Motors opened its doors in September 1991, founder Wolfgang Reitz brought 18 years of skills and knowledge. He'd been working on Mazdas since 1973, both at dealerships and as the former owner of Wolf's Foreign Car Care in Boulder.

At the dealership, Wolf noticed how the communication chain from customer to mechanic and back to customer could cause problems.

So, from the very beginning, Wolf set out to make customer communication a priority. Listening to customers while making sure he understood what the customer needed gave him great satisfaction. There was much joy in having these personal customer relationships for many years, even decades. Once Wolf retired, what he missed most were the customers and great relationships they made.

Today, Andrew Pryor and his team are honored to carry on Wolf's legacy and bring the Coyote Motors experience to a new generation of customers.

Coyote Motors owner Andrew Pryor

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Coyote Motors opened its doors in September 1991. It was the culmination of Wolfgang's work as a mechanic in high school, previous work at a Mazda dealership in 1973, and owning and operating Wolf's Foreign Car Care in Boulder.


Eric Falldin takes over Coyote Motors when Wolfgang retires.


Andrew Pryor purchases Coyote Motors with the intention of carrying on Wolfgang's customer focused approach while modernizing the business.


Coyote Motors joins TechNet, allowing us to offer our customers a nationwide warranty, roadside assistance, and more!
Knowing Andrew, I am sure Coyote's personal attention and focus on the customer will continue. He will bring in the internet to keep in touch, and he'll use technology more than I ever thought possible! He'll keep you informed and keep your cars running right.
Wolfgang, Coyote Motors Founder

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